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Nitrogreen FAQ

Will type of analysis and proposal will I receive?

You will receive a Customized Report specific to the needs of your lawn. It will explain all the details of the services needed and be attached to a reasonable price.

How can I monitor what was completed and when?

We will leave a Job Completed Ticket at your doorstep with an explanation of work performed and signed by the Nitrogreen Technician that performed the work. Of course the definitive proof that our services were performed will be your Lush Green Lawn!.

Once I’m a Customer, who will be my contact at Nitrogreen?

You will be assigned a Nitrogreen Account Manager and Technician as a Team, either one will be able to address your concerns.

Does Nitrogreen have adequate Insurance to protect my Company?

Absolutely, and proof of Insurance is a part of the Nitrogreen Agreement Packet.

Can you spray a lawn to help prevent fleas from getting on my dog?

We Love Pets and for this reason, we use lawn chemicals that are safe for pets after the initial dry down period. Pets only need to be restricted from the freshly treated Lawn area for the first four hours after application, after that time, Spot can run around as much as he wants!

Why do I still have weeds when I am on a lawn program?

The Weed Control aspect of the Lawn Program is a process. It can take up to four applications to begin the effective controlling of weeds, but rest assured it will happen.

When is the best time of the day to water and how often should I water?

Early Morning and Evening, times when the Sun isn’t beating down at its prime intensity. As for frequency, this is usually dictated by your local water authority, but we suggest two to three days each week.

What is the Nitrogreen Guarantee?

Very Simply, Total Satisfaction. Unlimited Service Calls and anything that we need to do to make you a lifelong customer that is our Mission.

Can my invoices be emailed?

Yes, just notify us that you would prefer to receive your invoices electronically, and we’ll adjust your account.

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